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There's A War on For Your Safety

Welcome to SafetyWars.com

Why Safety Wars?  There is a war on for your safety, and the casualties are your health and well being both physically and financially.  We have competing needs and priorities in our lives from scheduling to non-work distractions.  Issues between the workers and management, co-workers, scheduling, and other conflicting priorities.  Your priority should be to go home to your family; the company's priority should be to continue to be profitable as well as having a happy and safe workforce.

This site is for safety education for both the professionals and for the tradespeople. It's goal is to bring news, commentary, common sense, leadership training, and humor to the safety profession.  If we can’t laugh at ourselves who can we laugh at?

We conduct safety training, site audits, site safety management, as well as industrial hygiene assessments.  For more information go to www.jcptechnical.com today.

Our History

25+ years ago a young environmental professional was out of work and was asked by one of his friends if he would be interested in doing Health and Safety Consulting.  The friend said “If you don’t like it, then you know that it is one thing you don’t like and go find something else to do.” 

Jim stayed with it and owns JCP Technical Services, a full service OSHA and Disaster Compliance company with offices in the Metro NYC area, Connecticut and Colorado.  JCP supplies OSHA Compliance services in some of the most evolved and strict regulatory environments in private industry as well as to companies that are just starting out with health and safety compliance.

We will not sell out our clients like many of our competitors do with advocating more expensive, ineffective, ludicrous safety regulations and costs.  We advocate leadership and motivational training as an integral part of our services and have made it a part of every safety activity we manage. 

You can find out more about us at our corporate site www.jcptechnical.com.