April 6, 2019 @ 2:36 AM

What is Safetywars.com? by Jim Poesl

After almost three decades in the workforce and 25+ years of experience I realized that more was needed to prevent injuries rather than a set of rules and regulations.  What was needed was a change in mindset and motivation.  We are faced with what I call “Safety Wars™”.  In these wars there are casualties.  Consider these facts according to the National Safety Council workplaces in 2017 had:

·     4,414 Preventable injury-relate deaths

·     4,500,000 medically consulted injuries

·     $161.5 billion in costs to our economy.

Lack of safety is often a leading indicator in other problems with a company. What kind of problems? Lack of motivation, leadership, impacts to the bottom line, antagonism, bad reputations, and most of all injured employees.

It is often Safety vs. Schedule, cash flow, personal issues, liabilities, new work, and any number of things.  Safety is often an afterthought based on a belief that safety workplace safety costs too much. 

So in difficult workplaces I always ask these questions:

How about we all work together to make our workplace safer? How about we go home the same way we came in?  Safe, uninjured with a few more bucks in our wallet?

Ultimately you will help your bottom line with making safety part of the job. Considering even a minor "OSHA Recordable" or environmental issue can cost your company thousands.

What do we do?  We partner with our customers to make their workplaces safer for the benefit of their customers, employees, and business's.  A safe working environment leads to happier workforces, greater profits, fewer human resource issues, and guarantees work.  Visits by OSHA are better when you have a safe work place and compliance.  Who really wants to hire a contractor or be employed by a company where people get hurt?  

Safety managers and supervisors are often not qualified or motivated to help workers value their own safety, which in turn will destroy the company bottom line.   

How do we do this?

·     Safety Training. Including weekly safety meetings.

·     Leadership Training as part of every class we teach.

·     Employee Coaching.  Build them up, don’t tear them down.

·     Accident investigation and trying to prevent your next accident.

·     Assisting with OSHA investigations and management.

·     A positive working environment.

·     Planning. Writing or implementing.

All of this is good, but we are concerned with your business’s bottom line and your employee’s well-being.  

We coach your safety managers to become better managers with one-on-one coaching and leading by example.  This is why Safety WarsTM  was created.  To "battle" safety hazards and all the other competing needs that put safety last, but also to create a work force and culture that is both positive and profitable.

If you want committed safety professionals on your team, willing to take your company to safety excellence contact Jim Poesl at jim@safetywars.com or call us at 201-984-5625.